I'm still here

Lots of stuff has been going on recently and I've totally flaked on keeping this thing updated but I'm going to try harder ( I say that I and I can feel my nose growing already )

Anyways, I have been working on my comic book which is now officially called Space Cadaver. I've been trying to get a digital coloring style down. Something that I can do quickly and still have a bit of a painterly feel to it. This is a practice piece I've been working on. 


Attack of the Mushroom People

Just finished up this project for an upcoming showing of Matango, or as it's known stateside - Attack of the Mushroom People. It will be playing at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont this October.

Projects like this are definitely the most fun. It was a small project with a fast turnaround and I pretty much got to do what I wanted. Super fun and hopefully lots of people will see the poster in the movie showcase next month. 


Character Development

So I've been messing around with making a comic book but in order to do that I need characters and to be able to draw those characters over and over again. I've been spending most of my free time drawing some comic book style guys and coloring them. When I was young I would have my mom print out pages with boxes on them and I would make up my own characters and stories and I had a whole binder full of them. I have know idea if I can do that now but I'm going to try.

I'm also trying to get a coloring style down. Right now I'm just laying is some simple colors but I want to try and figure out a way to add some texture without it taking forever. Here is my latest work in progress:

Drawing with Some Color

Adding a bit of Color to some sketches. I've been trying to get into digital color a little more. I figure I know enough about photoshop to give it a whirl. It would definitely make up for my horrible art photo taking skills.