Rolling around some ideas for a comic story. Something I can commit to drawing for 30 pages and not become bored with. Also something that will not take me forever to draw. Hhhhmmm. Lots of questions that I just need to answer and get on with it.  Anyways here is a little sketch I colored when I first started thinking about doing a comic book. 


Steel City Secret Cinema Bill Murray Edition

Another Steel City Secret Cinema has come and gone and it was a lot of fun. My piece was inspired by the movie Lost in Translation. I rewatched the movie before starting my final piece and these are the parts that I chose to put into the final print.


Birthday cards

I've always enjoyed making people birthday cards rather than buying them. Here is the latest one I made for my wonderful girlfriend who some how puts up with all of my nonsense. 


SteelCity Secret Cinema update

For the upcoming Steel City Secret Cinema I've chosen Lost in Translation. I remember when I first watched it I really liked it and I'm about to do a refresher watching soon. I think why I originally liked it because of all the cool shots they get of Tokyo. Lots of crazy bright colors if I remember correctly. Anyways here is a quick Scarlett Johansson study I did to get ready to bang out a finished piece here in the next few weeks. This is the style I'm going with.


Character Development

So I've been messing around with making a comic book but in order to do that I need characters and to be able to draw those characters over and over again. I've been spending most of my free time drawing some comic book style guys and coloring them. When I was young I would have my mom print out pages with boxes on them and I would make up my own characters and stories and I had a whole binder full of them. I have know idea if I can do that now but I'm going to try.

I'm also trying to get a coloring style down. Right now I'm just laying is some simple colors but I want to try and figure out a way to add some texture without it taking forever. Here is my latest work in progress:

Drawing with Some Color

Adding a bit of Color to some sketches. I've been trying to get into digital color a little more. I figure I know enough about photoshop to give it a whirl. It would definitely make up for my horrible art photo taking skills.


Secret Cinema Part 4 the Bill Murray Edition


I designed the flyer for the Steel City Secret Cinema Bill Murray edition. My piece will be inspired by Lost in Translation. I have some ideas of what I want to do but nothing concrete yet. I'm think dark and shadowy. We shall see how that turns out.